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Malaysia is wonderful land, All kind of the esort you may get here. When you come from other country. You stay in Malaysia city. Call us for booking the escort service.

Travel in Malaysia you might need an esort helping you in the places of interest.

Malaysia Escort Service Mobile Phone Number : 017-3919688 / 016 283 3319

Malaysia Escort Girl

We specialize in providing the best Malaysia Escort Travel Vacations for Adults who want a personal and tailored travel service. We bring to our efforts a fanatical obsession with quality and exclusivity when it comes to our lady escorts, justifying our growing reputation as one of the world's top overseas exotic adventure travel providers. You are sure to fall under the spell of Malaysia's Malaysia escort diverse and welcoming ladies.

It doesn't matter how you choose to spend your holidays in Malaysia for Escort with our agency you will always find just the right escort to match your personality and your mood. In Malaysia you find everything you need to be happy- Sensual lady companions, relaxation, many excursions and most of all the great hospitality of Asian ladies.

We appreciate you stopping by and urge you to look closely at our exclusive Escorted Adult Travel Packages through-out the country in Malaysia.


In Malaysia, we service the following town: KL, Penang, JB, Langkawi and Genting Highland.


Malaysia Mobile Phone Number : 017-3919688 / 016 283 3319

Basic Rate RM (per Hour)
Local Chinese, Malay, Indian RM 250 - RM 300
China Chinese, Japanese, Korean RM 250 - RM 300
Thai, Indonesian, Vietnamese and cambodian RM 200 - RM 250
Model, promoter others Call for More info


Malaysia Escort
Kuala Lumpur Escort / KL escort
Johor Escort / JB Escort
Penang Escort
Genting Escort
Langkawi Escort
TEL : 017-3919688


Malaysia Escort

K.L. Mobile Phone Number / hp :016 283 3319 / 017-3919688

In Malaysia, we service the following town: KL, Penang, JB, Langkawi and Genting Highland.

we arrange and Malaysia escort group tours and cruising for people who want to get the most from their holiday with the day to day responsibilities of travel taken care of for them.

Our tours to the most exciting destinations in the world are planned to experience the best seasonal weather conditions – no guarantees, but we have been extremely lucky with almost perfect weather on all of our tours.  Our travel seasons also let us move around with relative ease without great numbers of tourists to contend with.     We plan our tours to take you to as many tourist ‘must sees’ as possible, as well as allowing flexible time for optional or personal interests, or to meet up with friends or family living overseas.  Gratuities (costs and tipping) are covered for all group activities. No early morning starts (unless absolutely essential) and a nice relaxed pace to enjoy your holiday to the maximum.

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HP: 017-3919688 / 016 283 3319

Malaysia Escort

Looks for places of interest in Malaysia Escort? We provide detail information about the tourist escort attractions in Malaysia especially the MUST GO destinations. If you are planning your trip to Malaysia for escort service, these are the pages that will furnish you with plenty of information you need.

Malaysia escort is a tropical country famous with hot weather, multiracial culture, beautiful beaches, rain forest, and flora and fauna. We provide photos, detail description, how to get here guide, things to do or activities for the destinations in Malaysia including cities, beaches & islands, hills & highlands, national parks, lakes and Malaysia states.

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